Heather Russell

Spiritual Leader

Your life is meant to sparkle.  


Do you feel as though you’ve had to dull parts

of you that don’t align with the spiritual

tradition you were raised in, but you also

aren’t willing to chuck the whole thing out

the window?

I’ve been there, and I’ve been called to help.     

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Heather Russell

Intuitive Mindset Coach
Everyone deserves to sparkle.  

Are you feeling like you’ve lost your essence? Is all the time you’ve spent caring for everyone else’s needs catching up with you? Let me help you put the shine back into your life.

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Work with Me

Book A FREE Sparkle Consultation With Me

Are you feeling lost, as though you’ve had to put your true essence on hold while you tend to the needs of your family?  I’ve been there- you wake up one morning, and don’t remember when you lost that inner sparkle that made you, YOU.  I can help!  I’ve pulled myself out of this shadowy place, and I’ve helped other moms, too.  I’d love to help you!  Not sure what to do next?  Booking a consultation with me is a great way to test the waters, to see if the two of us are a good fit for each other.  Choosing a coach is not easy, and it’s important to me that you’re absolutely sure that the relationship will be beneficial to you.  Click here to book your free, half-hour consultation conference call with me, and scroll down once you head over to the coaching page to learn more about all three coaching packages I offer.

Request Your Energy Blessing Wheel

Sometimes, even once we’ve started our journey back to ourselves, something just doesn’t feel right.  A Course In Miracles defines a miracle as “a shift in perception”.  This sounds so simple, but in reality it can be a little tough!  Having some direction from outside yourself can help immensely with that shift.  Energy Blessing Wheels are an excellent way to send helpful energy to a place in your life or business that feels stuck. Think of these as concentrated prayer, sent to your issue from me, with intuitive bits and pieces that just may shake you into a new way of seeing the issue, and could lead to helping you solve it. These are fantastic as a stand-alone service, but are also available as an add-on to any other service I offer.

Book Your Forest Reiki™ Healing Session

Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”. In Forest Reiki™, we call upon the specific familial, nurturing energy of the forest to join our healing practice. By focusing this energy for you, your own innate healing is activated, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. The energy is intelligent and knows just what you need, and how to provide you with the relief you seek. My job as the practitioner is to provide you with information that I receive during the treatment, as well as to help you relax enough to be open for the healing to occur. Sessions can be conducted in person, or via distance healing.

What People Are Saying

“In working with Heather, the epic themes of my life story became more vivid and tangible for me to see and appreciate. Heather’s unique intuition allowed me to see, through her eyes, the work and challenges of my experience. Remarkably though, while my struggles and challenges revealed themselves during our session, so did the invisible support that I often take for granted. ” Tara

-Distance Forest Reiki™ Client

“I cannot tell you all the ways my business improved once I started working with Heather on changing my mindset. To name a few: I became happier working my business, everything felt easier, I suddenly had time in my day to do non-business things that I wanted to do, my income drastically increased, and business started flowing to me without me changing anything except the thoughts in my own head. She is an amazing coach and I’m so thankful to have her in my corner!” Chasity

-Mindset Coaching Client

“I had the best experience with Heather. We did a long distance Forest Reiki™ session, and the energy she has is unbelievable. She is awesome and we plan on doing another session in the future!” Barbara

-Distance Forest Reiki™ Client


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