Energy Blessing Wheels

Energy Blessing Wheels are an excellent way to send helpful energy to a place in your life or business that feels stuck. Think of these as concentrated prayer, sent to your issue from me, with intuitive bits and pieces that just may shake you into a new way of seeing the issue, and could lead to helping you solve it. These are fantastic as a stand-alone service, but are also available as an add-on to any other service I offer.

Once you click on the button below, you’ll be sent a form to fill out to help me understand your current situation.  I’ll then build your wheel intuitively, and pull as many cards as present themselves to me.  I’ll send you photos of your wheel, as well as detailed descriptions of the pieces I used, as well as the interpretation of the cards pulled.

In my experience, requesting a blessing wheel can be a quick and simple way to receive guidance on any issue, business or personal.  My clients have found new perspectives on problems they were facing that turned the situation from hardship to opportunity.  I often build wheels for myself, to help move me through challenges quicker- they are very comforting, simple, and effective. Have questions? Use the button below to reach out and ask!

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