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2019 Gift Guide

2019 Gift Guide

Friends! I thought it would be super duper fun to share some of my favorite things with you this holly-day season in a gift guide! Grab some great ideas for that special someone in your life! Or, Aunt Edna. Why is she so hard to buy for?

For the mindset maverick

Know someone who loves to keep their mindset in check? Head over to these useful, inspirational mugs, notebooks, and shirts from Louisa Dykstra, author of the Joy Revolution book! My favorite is this one (above), check out everything she’s got at this link!

For the prayer warrior

Thisssss place, y’all. I hand my family the catalog, and say, go hog wild. There is not a thing they make that I wouldn’t love. Current favorite: this prayer box. How sweet is that?

For the one who’s always cold

If this isn’t the toastiest set of slippers I ever did see… well. They are, so. I won’t do anything like eat my hat, because we can all clearly see how very roasty toasty they surely must be. Also, Tom’s, so win-win! If you aren’t familiar with the mission of the company, head over and read all about it here! Then go get you some slippers! Or any of the billion styles of shoes they have now! When I first bought a pair of Tom’s, they had only the alpargatas– and I love them to this day.

For the one seeking guidance

My current favorite oracle card deck is this one from Kyle Gray- I have several of his decks, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on his new one, Angels and Ancestors, as well. I reach for this one more than any other, mostly because the artwork is so stunning. The artist’s name is Lily Moses, and the way she captures the spirit of the card subject is just beyond imagination- highly recommend for anyone who enjoys card readings. PS, full disclosure-amazon links in this post are affiliate links, which means I’ll earn a tiny kickback if you choose to purchase.

For the lover of literature

Oooooh, this book. Poetry fan on your list? Person who loves to visit other lives, live through stories that are different from their own? Loves seeing things from new and unexpected angles? Grab this, they will be happy.

For the tabletop gamer

Looking for something the whole family will enjoy together? Check out our favorite board game, Ticket to Ride. This one never gets old, and it’s complicated enough to keep adults interested, while still being accessible for younger members of the family. The box says ages 8 and up, but my 6 year old was able to play with a little support. If your family does get tired of the base game, there are myriad extension packs you can purchase to add to the fun! Days of Wonder now makes a junior version, too, called First Journey.

For the one who needs pampering

If you’ve got a mom in your life, this product line is the best to pamper her! I love the scents, especially sugar kiss, and the luxury price delivers a real luxury feel- these are the products sold at my local day spa. My favorite is the sugar scrub, but everything they make is fantastic!

For the kid-at-heart

An absolute dream gift for any Harry Potter collector, this Hogwarts Castle lego set will blow every other gift out of the water! Looking for something a little less pricey? Lego makes tons of sets intended for the young-at-heart- cars, city skylines, famous monuments, and even this very cool ship in a bottle!

For the imagineers

For the little guys, you can’t beat this dollhouse from PlanToys. I love every product this company makes- the company is ‘green’, socially responsible, and they make fantastic products. Some of the pieces in this house are modular, meaning you can decide where the windows and doors should go, and move them around as you like. I got this toy for my two teens when they were little, and it is still going strong for my younger two ten years later! Definitely worth the investment!

For the one drawn to ceremony

Do you have someone in your life who practices spiritual ceremony as a part of their practice? Bell Pine Art Farm has many beautiful, handmade, very reasonably priced pieces, like this River Keeper! They make statuary, focusing tools like handheld labyrinths, and offering bowls. SO much goodness here, check them out!

That’s all, folks!

Wheeee! That was fun! I hope you loved this little tour of favorites as much as I loved making it for you! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Join me for an in-person experience!

Join me for an in-person experience!

I am super excited to announce my first in-person workshop, happening on Saturday, August the 24th, from 10-11:30am, at First Presbyterian Church of Westminster  (65 Washington Road, Westminster, MD, 21157). We will be exploring the DIY version of my online course, covering making your own customized radical self-care plan.  

We will cover:

          -How radical self-care is different

          -Why it’s vital to well-being

          -How to figure out what activities are right for you

          -Implementation and ongoing tips to keep it in place

You will leave the gathering with a plan in place to move forward in self-love and renewed energy! Not to mention, we’ll be sure to have a lot of fun along the way!  I hope that you’ll mark your calendar, and that you’ll consider inviting a friend, too!  Moms, especially, can benefit from this workshop so much!  Oh, and did I mention that it’s FREE?  WOOOOOT! 

You can claim your spot by commenting on this post, or by emailing me using the Contact Me link in the menu above.  I can’t wait to be together!!!  


Why time away sometimes doesn’t help

Why time away sometimes doesn’t help

photo credit: michelle wolff

I recently returned from a mastermind retreat with some of my business buddies.  I am so grateful to be a part of a group of business owners who “get it”- who know the truth of the power of mindset, manifestation, energy, and intention, and how they really are the core of everything we do- business or otherwise.  I’ve always wanted to be part of a group who got me- and these ladies are it!  

One of our number was kind enough to offer her ‘beach’ house on Lake Pepin, WI for the gathering, and man, was it lovely.  I spent a lot of time thinking, reflecting on the year so far, which for me, has been full of rollercoaster-style drops, right along with the soaring highs.  There’s a reason we love rollercoasters, you know.  Who wants a boring life?  Not me!  

Anyway, back to the incredible ladies of my mastermind group.  Only four of us were able to make the trip this time (the plan is to make it an annual thing), and meeting the other three was one of those times when it seems utterly impossible that we hadn’t already met in person- each beautiful soul exactly as I had expected, and comfortable being together right off the bat.  

Here’s the reason why I think the retreat was such a success for me- and while I can’t speak for anyone else, I did get the sense that it was pretty impactful for all involved- it was spacious.  We didn’t schedule in a bunch of stuff, there was no team building, no ice breaking, we didn’t need any of that.  All we needed was space to breathe, time to reflect, and for our shitty stuff to be mirrored back to us so that we could see it clearly.  This, I think, is why time away isn’t always the restorative draught we’re hoping for- we schedule ourselves down to the minute, and leave no space for the magic to happen.  

This retreat was full of magic, because we left the space wide open.  Thanks to my compadres for the housing (so gorgeous, see photo above), the laughs (my God, the laughs), and the unfailing support.  I feel refreshed and ready to kick some major ass, which is exactly what I was hoping to gain.  I also retained a vital lesson to apply to my own events coming up this year- leave space for the magic.  That’s all this life is really about, anyway.  

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