Oh my goodness gracious and bless my heart. I am once again a blog author! I started my first blog, lo, these many moons ago (in may of 2006!), as a way to feel connected to the crafting community, and local mommy bloggers like I was at the time. I had a 2-year old and a 3-year old, and I was watching my neighbor’s 9-month old daughter as well. It was pretty tough, and super isolating. In addition to posting about crafty pursuits and linking to all my friends (as well as eschewing capitalization, because I guess I was just WAY TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL), I also shared about my daily life, and made some pretty great friends because of the blog. It gave me a way to be myself and have my own little space in the world, which became so important to me over the years. If you’d like to peek, here you go, but be kind- lots of it feels pretty embarrassing to me now, but also, cute baby photos, so.

It’s crazy that this was pre-emoticon, pre-Facebook, pre-everything-I-have-convinced-myself-I-rely-on-these-days.  It wasn’t pre-MySpace, though.  That was totally a thing.  I think.

ANYWAY!  I’m so thrilled to be writing again, and sharing with you!  It feels like a very natural continuation of things for me, and damn, it’s good to be back!

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