Mom guilt.  Do you feel it?  I mean, you’re a mom, therefore, you guilt.  If we aren’t facing down the runaway train of other people’s judgments, then we’re being so very hard on our own little selves.  Why in the world do we do this?  I’m not sure, honestly, but I feel like it has a lot to do with the whole ‘don’t get too full of yourself’ message of the 90’s that I know I heard loud and clear, especially as a woman.  This was pretty tough for me at the time, as I was an opera performance major in college, and it was pretty much my whole job to get really freaking full of myself- otherwise, no one else was going to give me the time of day.  There’s a reason female opera singers are called divas, you see.  It’s the only way to get booked for work!

So, what can we do about this crippling guilt when we want to feel better?  I think a big part of the answer (apart from mindset tweaks, which we can do every day to improve everything in our lives) is self-care.  Radical self-care, even.  What does this mean for you?  For me, it means setting up some non-negotiable items (daily meditation time, eating the way my body loves, reading for pleasure), and then making them happen.  No matter WHAT.  That’s the radical part.  Even when the dishes aren’t done, even when someone needs help with homework, even when I have to get up half an hour before everyone else in my house (which, I have teenagers- this means getting up at 5:15am!), I do it.  I make it a priority, and like Nike says, I just do it.

More than giving yourself a gift of the self-care thing you love, this sends a powerful message to those around you and to the Universe- you are valued.  You make yourself and your needs a priority.  You are shining your light.  This creates a power in you that is a creative force to be reckoned with- great ideas come to you while driving, while in the shower- during meditation- that were always there, just waiting for you to create space so that they could present themselves.  So, power-up, sparkle sister, make your non-negotiable list, and start making it happen!

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