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Hello, sparklefriend! 
I’m Heather, mom of 4 spread across 13 years, and wife of one very wonderful and dedicated swim coach/teacher/all around good guy. I love making beautiful things, mostly quilts these days, but also music, paintings, and humans (see above).  
I am super duper ridonks impatient. I’ve worked on it, but have come to the conclusion that I’m good with it.  It means I’m REALLY excited about everything, which to me, is not a bad thing at all!  

When I was a little girl, maybe around 11 or 12, I convinced my mother to let me purchase a subscription to a health and wellness binder system.  This was the sort of thing where you got a big binder with your first shipment, then each month, a new set of inserts would arrive, complete with recipes, exercise routines, and tips and tricks to living your best tweenager life.  They were complete with full-color photos of a lady, be-scrunchied (it was the 80’s, after all), demonstrating all the fun you could have if you followed along.  One of these pages outlined deep relaxation techniques- namely, lying on your back and imagining that one part of your body was heavy.  I dutifully laid down on my bedroom carpet and began the visualization, and I was FLOORED when I realized how much heavier my right arm felt than the rest of my body- I had uncovered the power of my brain!  

These days, I’m still pretty into deep relaxation, as my stressors as a mom and wife are far greater than that of a lanky 12 year old, and I have broadened my sense of the power of my own mind to create my reality.  This is what I am passionate about sharing with the world. I seek to do this by providing intuitive mindset coaching and energy healing through Forest Reiki™.

# of times I've read the Harry Potter series

# of bracelets I like to wear at one time

# of minutes I spend setting up my bullet journal each week


% of time I spend cleaning my house each week

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Phone: 410.812.4175 text messages welcomed

Business Hours: by appointment (see scheduling page for more details)

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