What I Do

I am here to help people who struggle with the feeling that they’ve had to ‘dull their sparkle’- to deny the parts of themselves that felt authentic and true, in order to fit into a spiritual tradition, to rediscover the feeling of being the sparkling superstar of their own lives by providing a spiritual community that affirms who they truly are, while at the same time, honoring their individual journey towards a deeper connection to the Divine.  

Why sparkle?

EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, is here for a reason.  You weren’t given your specific gifts and talents by mistake, and it’s high time more of us spent just as much time stepping into our own light as we do making sure we aren’t overshadowing others.  You are meant to SHINE.  You serve others every time you do, by giving them permission and a road map to do the same.

But, How?

Check out our online community on Facebook.  If it’s a good fit, we’d love to welcome you to spend time with us on a regular basis.  Together, we aim to support each other in deepening our connection to our Source.  We connect on a very profound level, because the space we have created honors differences as blessings- the contrast is what makes us all beautiful when we come together in celebration.  If we are a good fit, you’ll want to consider joining us on Patreon, as well (more info on that down below!) Check us out here: 



I Want To See You Shine

My mission is to help you to feel content, for you to feel lit up, to feel like everything you touch turns to gold.  This is very much how I feel most days, and my favorite thing is to help others feel ‘in the flow’, too.  It’s absolutely attainable, and the most beautiful practice of my life thus far.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

Membership Community

If you’re looking for a more personal, deeper connection with me, head over to our membership platform, Patreon.  Patrons join at the level that suits their lives, and in return, they get more access to what goes on behind-the-scenes, more personal attention, and valuable content exclusive to them.  It’s one of my absolute favorite places to be, helping my people to feel supported on their faith journeys.  Click the button below to learn more! 

Energy Blessing Wheels

Energy Blessing Wheels are an excellent way to send helpful energy to a place in your life or business that feels stuck. Think of these as concentrated prayer, sent to your issue from me, with intuitive bits and pieces that just may shake you into a new way of seeing the issue, and could lead to helping you solve it. These are fantastic as a stand-alone service, but are also available as an add-on to any other service I offer.

Forest Reiki™

Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”. In Forest Reiki™, we call upon the specific familial, nurturing energy of the forest to join our healing practice. By focusing this energy for you, your own innate healing is activated, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. The energy is intelligent and knows just what you need, and how to provide you with the relief you seek. My job as the practitioner is to provide you with information that I receive during the treatment, as well as to help you relax enough to be open to the healing to occur. Forest Reiki™ sessions can be held in person or via distance healing (you would just need to be lying down in a relaxing environment during the appointment, and I would communicate with you before and after the treatment). Clients report feeling relaxed, calm, and even blissful after sessions.

5 Ways To Get Your Sparkle Back

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