Signs are such a Godsend, literally!  I feel as though each time I ask for and recieve a sign, my vibration is raised.  I often get chills, or angel bumps, as some teachers call them.  It’s an amazing feeling!  

When you’re looking for guidance, it’s a great idea to ask your angels, spiritual guides, the universe, or God for guidance in the form of signs.  To me, the label you place on the divine isn’t important, so feel free to substitute whatever label makes you most comfortable.  I choose to use Universe.  I have several go-to methods for asking for signs: 


  • messegners from the animal or plant kingdoms (for me, it’s generally a Red Tailed Hawk, but it can be any mammal, insect, reptile, flower, tree, etc- whatever you resonate with in nature the most)
  • natural phenomena (rainbows, wind, sunrises, sunsets, the moon, constellations)
  • synchronicities that are undeniable (the kind that make you laugh out loud!)
  • songs on the radio (in the car, in public places, at home) 
  • symbols that have meaning for you (feathers, coins, stamps, etc) 
  • repeated numbers, usually in the time when you look at the clock
  • use of aids (pendulum, oracle cards, etc)

When asking for a sign, it’s super important to stay open to what presents itself, rather than defining it too narrowly.  That said, sometimes I have chosen to define a very narrow sign (a purple iris, for example) just as an experiment- this can be fun and really good confirmation of your power to notice something when you’re focused on it.  So, let’s say you’re looking for confirmation of support in the path you’re currently walking.  Asking for a sign of support is really enough in this case.   Be open to when, where, and how the sigh is brought to you- to me, this is the best kind of surprise!  It’s also helpful to ask for help recognizing the sign when making the request.  For example, yesterday, I asked for a sign of support, worded this way: “Please give me a sign on this drive that I am supported, and grant me the wisdom and clarity to recognize and interpret it correctly.” In my head, I was expecting a hawk- this is my usual, go-to sign.  About halfway through my drive, though, I encountered a road closure and police barricade- there had been an accident.  I turned onto the small side road that the traffic was being diverted onto, and in so doing, I went from traveling East to traveling South.  I was awestruck by the sight of the very tail end of a brilliant sunset- resplendent with magenta, pink, and lavender- it was stunning, and it was nearly over.  I wouldn’t have seen it if I had been permitted to continue on the main road.  My chills arrived right on schedule, and I knew it was the sign I had asked for.  


The last thing I want to mention about signs is about gratitude- be sure to thank the sender for your sign once you recognize it- this is key to your spiritual growth and development- it literally re-wires your brain into a place of appreciation and positivity.  A simple, “Thank you, Universe!” is perfect, particularly when accompanied by a very wide smile.  

What kinds of signs do you normally notice?  Do you feel as though it’s easy to recognize them?  Share in the comments here if you feel drawn to share! 


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