photo credit: michelle wolff

I recently returned from a mastermind retreat with some of my business buddies.  I am so grateful to be a part of a group of business owners who “get it”- who know the truth of the power of mindset, manifestation, energy, and intention, and how they really are the core of everything we do- business or otherwise.  I’ve always wanted to be part of a group who got me- and these ladies are it!  

One of our number was kind enough to offer her ‘beach’ house on Lake Pepin, WI for the gathering, and man, was it lovely.  I spent a lot of time thinking, reflecting on the year so far, which for me, has been full of rollercoaster-style drops, right along with the soaring highs.  There’s a reason we love rollercoasters, you know.  Who wants a boring life?  Not me!  

Anyway, back to the incredible ladies of my mastermind group.  Only four of us were able to make the trip this time (the plan is to make it an annual thing), and meeting the other three was one of those times when it seems utterly impossible that we hadn’t already met in person- each beautiful soul exactly as I had expected, and comfortable being together right off the bat.  

Here’s the reason why I think the retreat was such a success for me- and while I can’t speak for anyone else, I did get the sense that it was pretty impactful for all involved- it was spacious.  We didn’t schedule in a bunch of stuff, there was no team building, no ice breaking, we didn’t need any of that.  All we needed was space to breathe, time to reflect, and for our shitty stuff to be mirrored back to us so that we could see it clearly.  This, I think, is why time away isn’t always the restorative draught we’re hoping for- we schedule ourselves down to the minute, and leave no space for the magic to happen.  

This retreat was full of magic, because we left the space wide open.  Thanks to my compadres for the housing (so gorgeous, see photo above), the laughs (my God, the laughs), and the unfailing support.  I feel refreshed and ready to kick some major ass, which is exactly what I was hoping to gain.  I also retained a vital lesson to apply to my own events coming up this year- leave space for the magic.  That’s all this life is really about, anyway.  

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